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About Us

Purchased by Ronald Chenail, & Paula Melville Chenail, in September of 2016. Chenail Crofts wasn't established until three years later in 2019. 

Some background on Chenail Crofts is that this former dairy farm is located in the small town of Adams, Massachusetts, at the base of Mount Greylock. The way to us -- Gould Road -- runs right through the Greylock Glen, which is a hotspot for hikers, scenics, & your daily dog-walkers!

The scenery here at Chenail Crofts is seriously breathtaking. People from near & far travel to see the majestic scenery of the Berkshires.

Locals are used to this property being the old Gould Farm, which has a rich town history that we always wish to celebrate. 

Maintained & run by Carleigh Oparowski & Avery Cunningham & their three-year old son River. (As pictured)

We look forward to working with local businesses in hopes to bring forth activity & revitalization to our community. 

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