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Picnic Packages

Upgrade Your Picnic  - Please take the time to read through our add-on options before booking your picnic.


The Shire Cottage Bakery Sweet Treats Menu -

Choose from one of the options provided.

*On booking form write desired flavors


Golly Gee Snackery -

Choose from one of the options provided.

*On booking form choose desired board. If you need a substitution for allergies, please include that on the booking form. 



Fresh Flowers ($40) - Fresh flowers that are yours to keep after picnic.

DIY Bloom Bar - Local Flowers from Full Well Farm (prices vary depending on party size)

SL Photography ($100) - 15-minute photo shoot.

Stork Days Name Place Markers ($5 each) - Take your picnic to the next level with personalized place markers.

Mocktail Cart ($30) - Enjoy refreshing mocktails with our mocktail cart. Comes with three different options. 

Additional Picnic Time - $35 for an additional half hour, $50 for an additional hour.

Each picnic packages besides "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" package starts as a 2-person picnic. Each additional guest is $40.

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