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* Each client is required to sign a liability waiver. This is a standard waiver that helps protect our business

* We require a 72-hour notice to get your picnic prepared. We may be able to accommodate with shorter notice, please call us or send us an email if you are interested in booking a picnic within the 72-hour required notification window.

* In order for your picnic to be booked and the date and time to be held, payment in full to us must be made within 24 hours.

* All payments are made through Venmo to Carleigh-Oparowski.

* All payments are final. There can be no refund for a cancellation or for a no-show.

* There will be one (1) reschedule date allowed due to a true emergency or to inclement weather.

* If there is any damage to our equipment, we have the right to invoice you for said item/s. 

* We do not provide alcohol.

* There is no public bathroom on the property.

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